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Geodetic Survey

Geodetic survey is a technique to support mapping, boundary determination, property delineation, infrastructure development, resource evaluation surveys as well as scientific applications.

A geodetic survey consists of establishing the horizontal and vertical positions of points for the control of a project or installation site, map, GIS or study area. These surveys ascertain three dimensional point positions of fixed monuments, which then can provide the primary reference for subsequent engineering and construction projects. These control points also offer the basic framework from which the detailed site plan topographic mapping, boundary demarcation and construction alignment work can be performed. Geodetic survey techniques are also used to effectively & efficiently monitor and evaluate external deformations in large structures.

Calvada Surveying, Inc. is a leading land surveyor providing professional land surveying services, including ALTA Surveys, ACSM Surveys and 3D High Definition Land Surveying services. Our Geodetic survey group, led by an experienced team of professional land surveyors provides expert services to our clients.

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We at Calvada Surveying, Inc. offer geodetic surveys, mapping & charting services as an efficient tool for land surveying techniques. We are a leading land surveying company providing professional land surveying services in Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.