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Boundary Surveys

A Boundary Surveys is the procedure of finding, identifying, measuring, analyzing and reporting the location of the boundary lines of a land. This Survey also reveals any encroachments on the piece of land. Calvada Surveying, Inc. performs a Survey in accordance with the Technical Standards. Our surveyors make determinations on the reliability of existing land corners and the replacement of missing corners. A final survey plat is prepared by showing the output of the survey.

At Calvada Surveying, Inc. our professional land surveyors observe the piece of land and conduct surveys at local, county and state agencies and offices for the purpose of locating deeds, plans, maps, wills and other documents defining the location and rights associated with a parcel of land. This survey is more than just a set of accurate land measurements. It is a thorough mapping and retracing of the title and the meticulous analysis of the physical evidence of boundaries, completed according to state board requirements, legal principles and local land standards. We are one of the best land surveying companies for real estate, development, engineering, environmental and telecommunication industries. We perform a detailed land investigation that defines the location, dimensions and area of a parcel of land. Our licensed land surveyors can also help you with land subdivisions and boundary adjustment procedures.

These surveys have a variety of purposes; moreover they are generally used to assist property owners to accurately establish what land is in the possession. It will also deliberately illustrate information about your property or any easements or encroachments as well. The methods used in the survey can be tailored to match the size and requirements of the project.

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