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High Definition Surveying

High-Definition Surveying Services High-Definition Land Surveying
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, CA
For the Dodgers Stadium project Phase 1, Calvada surveyed the field level concession area and the voids (mountain side behind the concession area). Calvada Surveying utilized High Definition Surveying (3D Laser Scanning) Technology (HDS) to first create a 3D point cloud of the stadium and then to process the point cloud into accurate As-Built Drawings within CAD for the client. Without the HDS technology, Calvada Surveying would have had to use a more conventional method of using a theodolite and rod to gather the information, but this would have taken a substantial amount of time and money to gather the information required by the client. The HDS technology allowed us to quickly and accurately create a site plan of the field level and its concession area and voids, as well as cross sections between each bay that displayed the heights of the ceiling, columns, and beams.

Dodger Stadium 3D Point Cloud

Dodger Stadium Concession Area
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO
Calvada Surveying was presented with the challenge of providing an engineering design firm with a highly accurate, 3D As-Built drawing of the mechanical equipment and piping associated with a Boiler Room at the Denver Federal Center. Calvada Surveying performed an HDS laser scan of the room and provided our client with a 3D CAD drawing, saving them significant time and money, as well as being much more accurate over obtaining the measurement information manually. Upon submission of the final deliverable drawing, our client was able to see first-hand the value that the HDS system would have for even larger, more complex building interiors, where manual measurement would be nearly impossible.

3D CAD drawing was generated from the
point cloud to be used for engineering
design purposes for placement of new
equipment within the room

3D Point Cloud generated from an HDS
Laser Scan of a Boiler Room at the
Denver Federal Center
High Definition Surveying
Calvada Surveying, Inc. is a reputed land surveying company offering the best in high definition scanning technology known as 3D laser scanning or High-Definition Surveying (HDS). This powerful technology allows us to perform laser scanning surveying more quickly, providing value to our clients. We provide you quality work and will complete it on time and within your budget, thus saving your money. Calvada Surveying, Inc. has gained an impressive record of repeat business and land surveying referrals with private and public clients such as developers, land brokers, property owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, governmental agencies and municipalities.
Calvada Surveying, Inc. has performed land surveying services for more than 350 other sites for T-Mobile throughout Southern California & Colorado.
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High-Definition surveying (3D laser scanning) is an innovative tool that allows us to perform our traditional
surveying services more quickly and accurately.