Use the Latest Technologies and Modern Equipment for Your Property with Washington Land Surveyor

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your land is exactly as it is stated in the title and that it will not make you about legal issues in the future. Only with a Washington land surveyor can you determine if your land is in good condition and ready for your project. Seasoned surveyors use the latest technologies and modern equipment for speedy and accurate results, which can be trusted by your insurance companies, lenders, engineers, architects, attorneys, and other decision-makers that may be important in your project.

Three-dimensional or 3D laser scanning is one of the latest methods used by Washington land surveyors. It is currently the most advanced and updated among surveying techniques, as it uses high-definition imaging and laser technology to accurately and swiftly pick up information about the land, making it more preferred over traditional survey methods for time-sensitive projects. The 3D laser scanning survey is typically ordered by project developers, builders, and architects when they need to accurate surveys on a land that has already been constructed, but must be examined for demolition, remodeling, renovation, and other reasons.

An updated scanning system is part of the high-definition 3D laser scanning methodology to provide quick and accurate results. The equipment is often used with a high-end software for viewing the scanned images, which can be displayed as panoramic images. The software can show critical measurements and markups, as well as 360 by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans to provide precise and exclusive images to surveyors. This way, the surveying method is used for many applications, such as the creation or updating of as-built documentation, clash/interference checking, damage and condition assessment, deformation analysis, and tank/vessel volumetric information.

Reputable Washington land surveyors have invested in GPS equipment for their job, too. GPS land surveying is a method of evaluating and determining the 3D space or terrestrial position of points and the distances with the angles between them. Through GPS, surveyors can determine the precise position of points. The equipment works directly through satellites, which send the signals to the receiver, which then sends the signals to the data collector to be downloaded to the computer for analysis.

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