Understand the Topographic Survey by Professional Land Surveyors

A topographic may be required if you need a base map for designing a structure to make sure that it is suitable for the land and that it will not encroach on neighboring properties. It is recommended that you hire professional land surveyors to conduct a topographic survey, so you can be sure that the data will be accurate, reliable, and useful for making informed decisions. The survey will identify and map the land’s contours and existing features on the earth’s surface and slightly below it. Hence, it should be able to uncover utility poles, walkways, retaining walls, streets, trees, and other existing structures on the property, it can tell you about the land’s geographical condition.

Builders and land developers typically hire professional land surveyors to conduct the topographic survey at the planning phase of projects. The contours and maps that will be created during the survey will be useful as the base map for the structure. All aspects that are found on a land will affect the outcome of the survey. Professional land surveyors follow certain steps to ensure accurate results. They begin by establishing the horizontal and vertical control, which will serve as the survey’s framework, before determining that the elevation and horizontal location of the ground points are sufficient for data plotting once the map is ready.

During the topographic survey, professional land surveyors locate every natural and man-made feature on the land, as these elements may be required by the survey’s purpose. Elevations, volumes, angles, and distances of earthwork are computed before creating the topographic maps. The survey is the best time for land surveyors to collect various information on the land. The information can be vital in determining the value, strength, and life of the land. To make sure that the data is accurate and reliable, be sure to hire only licensed professional land surveyors that have decades of experience in conducting topographic surveys in your area.

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