Tips on Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor for Surveying Your Land

If you own property or are planning to buy or build on one, having a go-to professional land surveyor will come in handy come when you decide to develop, remodel, or even sell what you own or make a new purchase. Many times, property owners make their choice based solely on a surveyor’s asking price, which all too often leads to great dissatisfaction with the results and the overall quality of the survey. Below are some top tips to help you avoid mistakes in hiring a professional surveyor and ensure the quality of the service you will receive:

  • Choose a licensed professional. Make sure that the company you are looking at is licensed to perform the services they offer within your jurisdiction. Understand that there are certain certifications and qualifications they should meet to be able to provide land surveying services and perform the task according to industry standards and state regulations.
  • Ask about liability insurance. The last thing you want is costly mistakes, especially when making a significant investment on a property. Professional liability insurance protects you from mistakes that your land surveyor might make while on the job. The same applies to worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Experience in the type of survey you need is of paramount importance. Land surveyors specialize in different types of surveys. Make sure that the company you are eyeing has ample experience in the kind of service you need done. Surveyors may focus on any of the following specializations: topographic surveys, construction layout, mapping, land development and boundary surveys, geodetic surveys, and others.
  • Choose professionals that are keen on development. Continuing education is important as this ensures relevance in the field. The best land surveyors are those who keep abreast of professional and technological advancements in their fields, as they are able to provide you with the best services the industry has to offer.
  • State of the art equipment. Ask about your prospect surveyor’s tools and equipment. While traditional methods are still acceptable and highly reliable survey forms, modern practices are simply more cost-effective and time-efficient. This is why there is great value in companies that keep up to date with the latest developments in the surveying world.

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