See How 3D Land Surveying Services Offer a More Realistic Approach to Surveying

Conventional land surveying methods can take a lot of time to accomplish. Land surveyors who prioritize speed over accuracy may end up with unreliable results that can affect the overall project and longevity of the structure. Hence, it is recommended that you hire professional land surveyors who use high-end equipment, like 3D laser scanners, to make sure that the survey of the land can be completed quickly and accurately. Three-dimensional or 3D land surveying services are actually better than traditional methods, as they provide more realistic results, which are easier to use and understand. This way, the services may speed up the development and design of the structure or land, or they can easily help engineers, builders, and architect identify critical information and details on the property.

No other land surveying method is as advanced and as versatile as 3D laser scanning. It is applied in a wide range of survey requirements, including ALTA/ACSM, residential, and boundary surveys because of its ability to generate accurate results swiftly. Providers of 3D land surveying services are constantly coming up with better and new ways to ensure additional value to your project when you hire them for your survey needs. Reputable providers use a 3D laser scanning system with a fast laser radar scanner that can take 360 by 270-degree photo-realistic images.

You can hire 3D land surveying services for any purpose, whether to survey interior or exterior areas of a structure, or if you need a survey on a man-made or natural area. The equipment creates a full set of raw data in a 3D image with millions of point clouds or data points. Every two points correspond to point measurements in AutoCAD, and the accuracy is up to 6mm. This way, 3D land surveying services allows you to quickly complete accurate survey results of surface geometry. Raw 3D scans can be viewed with high-end software for planning and to obtain point-to-point measurements. Data can be translated into 3D AutoCAD or 2D images, too.

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