Precautions to Consider During 3D Laser Scanning Surveys

The most advanced and highly updated land surveying method is 3D laser scanning, which uses a high-definition scanner that can generate accurate three-dimensional images of the land and all its properties quickly. So, it is considered more accurate and swifter than conventional surveying techniques, and trusted by builders, architects, and project developers to accurately determine the features of a land, especially if there is already an existing structure on it. Likewise, 3D laser scanning surveys are useful for projects that require remodeling, renovation, and demolition.

Despite its accuracy, there are certain precautions to consider during 3D laser scanning surveys. For instance, you need to make sure that you hire an experienced and trustworthy service provider that is equipped with the latest high definition 3D laser scanners and equipment. Take time to verify the land surveyor’s credentials and experience in providing the service, and make sure that they have clients who can prove the quality of their work. You may want to consider a land surveying firm that has been in business for at least three decades, licensed to work in your state, and with a good track record in providing 3D laser scanning surveys.

You need to make sure that the survey is authorized to be conducted, especially if you are not the owner of the property or you are trying to find out if your neighbor has encroached on your land’s boundaries. That way, you can avoid legal issues later on. The history and previous surveys conducted on the land will be retrieved and reviewed by the surveyors, too, and they will use that information in updating and creating the latest as-built documentation.

3D laser scanning surveys are useful in damage and condition assessment, 3D semi-automated modeling, deformation analysis, and in determining tank/vessel volumetric information. The equipment can take 360 by 320-degree photorealistic panoramic scans, too, so you can obtain precise and exclusive 3D images of your property. Just make sure that the surveyor has high-end software that can help you view the scans.

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