Protect Your Land and Property from Potential Risks by ALTA or ACSM Standards

The purpose of an ALTA/ACSM survey is to provide a detailed map of your property to show all existing utilities and improvements on it. It may provide information and observations regarding other factors that may affect your ownership of the land, making it critical when establishing boundaries and how they relate to a title. Continue reading

Tips to Consider During 3D Laser Scanning Surveys for Your Land

The land survey is critical when you plan to do something with your land. The information from the survey will come in handy when you need to remodel, develop, or sell your land, or demolish a structure from it. Any land development project is time-sensitive, so it makes sense to consider reliable and speedy surveying methods, like 3D laser scanning. This high-definition survey is currently the most advanced and updated among land surveying techniques. Continue reading

Map Your Land with The Help of Superior Quality Land Surveying Technique in Colorado

Any project that has to do with the building, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, or expansion of a property will require a land survey before it proceeds. When you properly map your land, you can easily make informed decisions about it and avoid costly lawsuits, which can occur when you encroach on a neighboring area. Continue reading