Observe Your Residential and Commercial Property by Accomplished Land Survey in California

It pays to get to know your property whether it is a residential or commercial structure, as it lets you make informed decisions about it. Only a land survey conducted by a professional surveyor can reveal critical information on your residential and commercial property, particularly their boundaries, maps, geographical condition, and any issues that may cause costly fixes and lawsuits down the line. With an accomplished land survey company in California, you can be confident that you are making smart decisions about your property and develop or improve it without any problems.


Any commercial or residential property can have known issues and problems that have yet to be discovered by a land survey. You can consider the survey results as legal documentation of your property and its boundaries, so you can be certain that it is not encroaching on your neighbor’s land and that your neighbors have not encroached on it. A land survey in California can be helpful in avoiding lawsuits concerning title reports, agreements, and illegal use of property. It may help you prevent costly mistakes, too, which can occur when you have built a structure or a fence beyond your boundaries.


Land surveys can be useful in other purposes, too. For instance, ALTA/ACSM commercial property survey can assist insurance companies when they need documentation for claims, security, and proofs. It may aid lenders and property buyers when they need to learn about the potential benefits and risks of owning the land, too. The results of residential and commercial property surveys can be useful in fulfilling certification requirements, like when you need flood plain classification, environmental certification, or a zoning opinion letter.


Hidden aspects of the land, such as what is underground, can be uncovered by a land survey in California. When you have a topographic survey commissioned, it can reveal your property’s geographical condition and other factors, like the presence of any existing manholes, walls, wells, and utility poles.

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