Land Survey for Your Property – Is It Worth the Investment?

Your property, whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, will be one of the biggest investments you will have to care for in the long run. Hence, it makes sense to make sure that it is worth investing in and that it will be useful for many years. A land survey for your property will be worth the investment if you want to be confident in the quality and integrity of the land and the structure. Even if the bank or lender does not require you to have your home or establishment surveyed, consider hiring a professional land surveyor anyway for the following reasons:

Identify and avoid possible encroachments on the property – A neighbor could have built a fence, wall, or another structure beyond their property line and on yours. These issues can become costly when you think about the removal or fences or expensive lawsuits that could occur if you are not aware of them.

Determine missing property corners – If you want to install a fence or a wall, you need to know where your property line is. Otherwise, you could risk building on your neighbor’s property and experience a lot of problems. A land survey for your property can reveal missing property corners and line disputes.

Make sure that you can get what you are paying for – A land survey should help protect your most important investment and your money. Land surveying services can include a topographic survey to identify the strength, value, and life of your land, and obtain accurate measurements on the breadth, length, dimensions, elevation, curves, and height of the land. These features are crucial when contouring the land and creating a map for your property, as well as for determining the configuration of the cultural and natural features of the land. Be sure to hire a reputable land surveying company that is licensed and experienced in providing its services in your area.

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