How Land Survey Plays an Important Role before Purchasing Land

Land may be one of the biggest purchases you will make, so it makes sense to ensure that it is the right one you will need for your structure. This is where you will need a land survey, which will help you make an informed decision before you finalize the sale. It is the process of defining, plotting, and validating the boundary lines of the property, and it will cover all the important features in the deed, like the location, fence, street, utilities, and other unique features of the land. Only a professional land surveyor can determine the exact measurements, features, and boundaries of the land that you want to buy. A land survey may help protect your investment and your hard-earned money, too.

Land surveys provide critical information on the boundaries and property lines of the land you want to buy. This will be crucial when determining the structures and areas covered in the deed. By hiring a land surveyor, you can be sure that you can get the land you are paying for. This professional can verify that all the improvements and features in the deed are actually included in the property that you want to buy. You will still need to get a land survey done, even if there was an older or previous survey conducted on the property, as older surveys may not guarantee accuracy and up-to-date information. In some cases, the property owner may have omitted certain features and details in the old survey, which may affect the land’s value.

A land survey will determine if a neighbor has encroached onto the land, too. This can cause problems and may turn into a costly lawsuit if you leave this matter alone. Likewise, a land survey will prevent you from encroaching onto your neighbor’s property once you are ready to build on the land. Certain features can be found in a land survey, too, such as hidden features (i.e. a graveyard) or underground utilities.

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