Hire the Top 3D Land Surveying Company for Your Residential Land and Property

Residential surveys are typically two-dimensional, with the results drawn and written or printed on paper. However, the latest technologies have enabled land surveying companies to produce three-dimensional results for a more detailed and accurate look at your property. Known as 3D land surveying and scanning, the service is offered only by top companies that have proven their track record of providing high-quality and dependable land surveying services to their clients over the years. With 3D land surveys, you can gain point-to-point measurements instantly, as well as pan, view, zoom, and rotate images of your property in 3D. Here are some tips to help you pick the right service provider:

  • Verify their experience – A top 3D land surveying company is established in their industry. They have at least two decades of experience in land surveying, even before 3D land surveying technology was introduced. Likewise, they are highly recommended by clients in construction, engineering, architecture, governmental, and property development industries for their knowledge, skill, and proven track record of providing accurate results.
  • Find out what they can do – Leading land surveying companies can conduct 3D laser scanning services for a wide variety of applications, such as damage and condition assessment, clash/interference checking, tank/vessel volumetric information, weld peaking reports, and deformation analysis. Customers rely on them for the creation or updating of as-built documentation and when they need to create 2D plans. 3D land surveys are useful when you need to three-dimensional CAD models, which can be created quickly and precisely from point clouds.
  • Learn about their equipment – Hire a reputable 3D land surveying company that uses the latest high-definition laser scanners that can produce panoramic images, measurements, and other markups. They should be able to provide photo-realistic panoramic scans, too. Consider a company that uses high-end software to view and interpret the scanned 3D surveys.

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