High Definition Survey Faster and More Accurate than Traditional Survey Methods

High definition 3D laser scanners are now the go-to survey measurement tools for professional land surveyors. Land surveying companies turn to laser scanning technology to streamline and improve data collection processes and overall project outcomes. More than mere tools for measuring vast distances, 3D laser scanners gather information with pin-point accuracy, which makes them extremely beneficial for determining as-is conditions of surveyed areas. The technology offers a smart and efficient solution to many challenges that land surveyors encounter in the field.

Land surveyors are stewards of property boundaries, and their work help find and solve on-going issues not limited to land disputes. High definition 3D laser scanning technology helps land surveyors overcome many of the challenges that traditional survey methods simply cannot tackle. Below are some of the top advantages that this technology offers over other types of land survey methods, tools, and techniques:

  • 3D land surveys cut field time significantly. Traditional space and property mapping takes a considerable amount of work, time, and money. 3D laser scanners eliminate time-consuming tasks while still providing accurate data reports. This reduces field time considerably while also helping save cost by preventing errors and the need for rework. This kind of pinpoint accuracy also allows surveyors and project planners to concentrate better on what the reported data actually means rather than focusing all their time and effort on data collection. Data gathered in 3D land surveys can even be used to create 3D models of the surveyed property, which allows surveyors to fully showcase solutions to clients.
  • Laser scanning is highly versatile. The tools used for this survey method come in a wide variety of platforms, which enables land surveyors to choose between different tools for the job. From mobile laser scanning to aerial mapping, high definition surveys provide superb flexibility, especially when working around obstacles as they measure properties.

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