Get Reliable Survey Service for Your Property with ALTA and ACSM Standards

The land survey is a must for all properties, as it provides all the important information that will define the boundaries, the map, and the location of a parcel of land. Certain surveys are specifically administered to certain types of properties. Commercial land is surveyed following the ALTA and ACSM standards, which were implemented by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, which is now an aspect of NSPS (National Society of Professional Surveyors). Only licensed and experienced land surveyors can conduct ALTA/ACSM surveys and generate dependable and accurate results, which will help you make critical decisions about your property.

ALTA/ACSM standards enable accredited land title surveys to be conducted properly and efficiently on your property. Seasoned land surveyors follow a uniform set of codes when the survey needs to be accomplished for construction purposes. So, you need to make sure that you are hiring the reputable and experienced surveyors who have a good track record of meeting the standards set by authorized institutions and the government. Remember that ALTA/ACSM surveys are also conducted for due diligence, as they provide information to setback requirements, county zoning laws, and height requirement for the property.

All ALTA and ACSM standards followed by a reputable and established land surveyor is compliant with the guidelines for surveyors. This way, insurance companies are likely to accept the results as documentation for proofs, security, claims, and other purposes. Certain types of information can be produced following ALTA and ACSM survey standards to assist lenders and purchasers in determining the potential risks and benefits of owning a particular property.

The survey can reveal the easements and boundaries, other features on the land that may determine or affect ownership, and details that may require further investigation when there is a possibility of adverse rights. ALTA/ACSM surveys may provide further suggestions for improvements that can be done on the property, such as roads, trails, and fences, and show easements and improvements, ownership areas, encroachments, and encumbrances.

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