Countless Ways by Which 3D Survey Eases the Construction Process

The development of high definition 3D laser scanning has revolutionized land surveying in countless undeniable ways. The latest 3D laser scanning technologies enable surveyors to provide measurements with pinpoint accuracy, helping clients plan and execute even the most complex projects in the most efficient manner.

Laser scanning technology also enables accurate analysis of the different components of a site or facility, making it easier to study important aspects of a project. This allows for more informed and carefully calculated decisions in every stage of the planning and development process, from project conceptualization all the way to its completion.

Laser scanning and high-definition 3D survey are versatile technologies that can be applied to a wide range of land surveying tasks, ranging from change detection to 3D drawing creation, accident reconstruction, and pre-project scanning, to name a few. Below are major ways by which 3D survey aids construction processes:

  • 3D scanning produces results faster. Laser-scanned surveys cuts field time significantly, from days to weeks, using old field survey techniques and tools, to mere hours. Nowadays, it is possible to complete similar field surveys that used to take days or weeks to finish, within a single work day, using state-of-the-art laser scanning technology. Reports generated from these surveys enable the creation of complete 3D models, fly-throughs, and accurate, detailed animations of the surveyed area.
  • 3D scanning reduces project costs. Increased speed and accuracy means fewer field visits and lesser error. The pinpoint accuracy of 3D and laser scanning technology results in a solid knowledge and data base, which allows for better planning of projects.
  • 3D laser scanning is highly versatile. A lucrative investment, laser scanning can be useful in various aspects of construction planning and execution. From understanding building conditions to constructing 2D drawings and 3D models, and making more informed decisions about project strategies, 3D laser scanning is definitely a beneficial investment for various types of construction projects.

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