California Land Surveyors: How to Select One of Them

Professional land surveyors are critical to the success of your project. Without them, you could be at risk of encountering problems with property boundaries and other issues that may affect ownership of a land and the quality of your structure. Ideally, you should hire them before buying any real property, but they can also be of service when you need to divide a piece of land, renovate your property, or demolish a building. When a controversy arises, you can rely on these professionals as expert witnesses, too. So, take note of these tips for selecting California land surveyors:

  • Take note of their licenses – Only civil engineers and professional land surveyors who have been licensed by the State Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors are authorized to conduct land surveying in California. Anyone can claim that they are licensed for the job, but be sure to verify and authenticate their license.
  • Learn about their track record in service – The best California land surveyors are highly recommended by their clients, with a lot of repeat business. You can verify their work by reading testimonials about them. Consider verifying their standing with the Better Business Bureau and the California Land Surveyors Association, too.
  • Identify their expertise – Seasoned California land surveyors can perform a wide array of services, such as residential property and boundary surveys, as well as geodetic, environmental, topographic, and ALTA/ACSM surveys. They use the latest and most proven equipment and surveying methods, too, such as GPS and 3D laser scanning.
  • Ask for an estimate – Find out how much a land survey would cost from at least two different service providers in California, but do not settle for the one that will provide the lowest price without verifying its experience, credentials, expertise, and quality of work. Take note that cost is subject to various factors, such as the shape and size of your property, vegetation and terrain, local knowledge of the property, and the existing evidence that is present on your land.

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