Benefits of Using 3D Laser Scanning Services for Your Land

Lasers scanners have come a long way since the first 3D laser scanning technology was introduced in the 1960s. Early scanners relied on cameras, projectors, and lights, with bulky and heavy equipment that made it difficult to conduct on-site land surveying. These days, 3D laser scanners are more portable and easier to use, and powered by the latest computer and scanning technologies to ensure faster and accurate results. This way, 3D laser scanning services have become highly preferred for land surveying. Here are the benefits of using 3D laser scanning services for your land:

It is the most advanced and updated among land surveying methods – With 3D laser scanning, you can speed up the process of planning and development of your construction project, so you can complete it on time. Hence, 3D laser scanning services are preferred by project developers, builders, architects, and engineers when they need an accurate survey of the land that has already been constructed but must be examined for destruction, remodeling, renovation, and more.

It is a versatile scanning method – The updated scanning system is flexible, fast, and accurate for many different applications, including the updating and creation of up to date as-built data, damage and condition assessment, and deformation analysis. 3D laser scanning is reliable for clash/interference checking and in finding a tank and vessel volumetric information, too.

It can be conducted at any phase of the project – It does not matter what stage your project is. Land surveyors can perform a 3D laser scan of your property in its any developmental phase, from planning to the initiation, upgrade, and its conclusion.

It can share data with other platforms – Use 3D laser scanning services to obtain accurate data, which can be exchanged with many popular CAD platforms. The results can be used for 3D semi-automated modeling and for creating full 3D CAD models quickly and accurately from point clouds.

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