An Insight into Topographic Survey and Boundary Survey

A land survey must be conducted whenever you buy land, and two of the most essential services to consider are the topographic and boundary surveys. A topographic survey is conducted to determine a land’s geographical condition, and boundary surveys are performed to measure the boundaries of a parcel of land. These surveys can help you save money and avoid issues associated with land ownership, the condition of the property, and boundary issues. Here are more insights that can help you understand each survey:

Topographic surveys

Data from a topographic survey will be useful in identifying the land’s contours and map. Hence, the survey is conducted preferably at the planning phase of a construction project. Maps and contours will be useful when creating the base map for the structure. The survey is conducted irrespective of the type of project, whether it is a residential or commercial structure, or a road or a bridge. It can reveal various details about your land, like its value, strength, and life.

The topographic survey is conducted below and above ground level. Hence, every feature of the land will be surveyed and examined, including walkways, manholes, wells, soil density, trees, and utility poles. The procedure starts by establishing the horizontal and vertical control to serve as the survey’s framework. From there, surveyors will determine enough horizontal location and the elevation of the ground points, so they can obtain enough data for plotting. Man-made and natural features will be located, and the elevations, volumes, distances, and angles of earthwork will be computed before the topographic maps are drawn.

Boundary surveys

Residential property surveys are also known as ‘boundary surveys’, but they are more complex than and do not merely involve pinpointing and calculating a land’s boundaries. They involve research and analysis of the land. Likewise, surveyors look up previous surveys, which may influence current conclusions about the land. A boundary survey is typically requested before building any structure on the land and in case of dubious lands.

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